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Understanding Salary Compression

Dear AFT member,

You recently received a letter from AFT-Lone Star  that included instructions on how to contact HR regarding the compression issue.  Some members had difficulty completing their request.  It appears that HR made changes to the access process after we sent out our instructions.  Below are revised instructions with the changes highlighted in red.  If anyone continues to have difficulty, please let us know.  This message will also be posted on our website,

Alan Hall


To pose a request for data, you have to file what HR calls a "ticket".  Here is how you do that:
1) Log into MyLoneStar.
2) Near the upper right hand corner, look for and click the button that says "Tech Help"
3) Then click on the phrase "Service Center".
4) Near the middle of the page that opens, look for the category "HR Services".
5) Directly under those words select the phrase "Ask a question or submit a request to the Office of Human Resources".
6) When that window opens, select "
Salary Compression Review Request".  This will open a ticket request form with your name on it.
Fill in all the general information that is requested. (Some information may auto-populate.)
8) Look for the box that says “Please tell us why you believe your salary should be reviewed once more”.  In that box, type a message of your choice or cut and past the following generic request:

"Dear human resources representative:
 I appreciate all the work your office has done to examine the issue of salary compression for Lone Star employees.  It is important to me that I thoroughly understand the decision that was made in my specific case. Therefore, I would respectfully like to request the following information:
1) My annual salary as of September 1, 2015
2) The name of and pay range for my job classification
2b) [This line is for faculty only.]  My faculty classification (education level), contract term (9, 10.5, 12 month), and initial hiring step.
3) My personal compa-ratio
4) The year of my initial full time employment
5) The target compa-ratio for my job classification and year of initial employment
6) The formula whereby my specific target compa-ratio was calculated
7) The adjustment in my salary (if any) based on this compa-ratio
This information will be helpful to me.  Thank you for your assistance.
[Name of employee]
[Employee number]"

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