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Employers across the country are starting to lean in the direction of mandating employee vaccinations. AFT-Lone Star College (your employee union here at LSC) is interested to know how you feel.  Our union has developed a short survey that we would like you to take so we can better understand how you feel about these issues. Please know that we are polling employees to gather a baseline on how employees feel about the issues below. AFT Lone Star has not taken a position on mandatory vaccines, and to date, LSC has not entertained mandatory vaccines either. We are simply gathering data to find out where employees stand on the issue. Please take the survey!

IMPORTANT:  We ask that you share this survey with your 3 closest work colleagues to help us gather more responses. Send them to our website to take it. www.aftlonestar.org

Deadline to take the survey is Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 @ 9:00 pm


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Welcome to our Sept-Oct 2021 union newsletter The Advocate! 

Much of what you see looks just like before but, like everything else, you are reading it online. 

What will not change is our commitment to providing the Lone Star College Community with important news and quality insight into the life of our Institution.  We will keep you abreast of the work that the AFT is doing (and has been doing all through pandemic) to advocate for Policy and to advocate for People – because the name of our newsletter is what we do!

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2020- A year in Review

AFT‐Lone Star has been busy this past year


As 2020 is behind us, we’re taking a moment to review all the good work our union has done at Lone Star College to improve college life for both employees and students

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What We Should Expect from Higher Education Institutions Regarding COVID 19

We need to band together as one to safeguard our careers, our profession, and to advocate for ourselves and our students. Our principles for Higher Education institutions regarding COVID-19 is laid out here.